The most puzzling letter written in combined ancient symbols was decoded by an algorithm found on the Dark Web.

Part of the letter
Part of the devil's letter that has puzzled the world for centuries. Photo: Wiki Commons

( — September 11, 2017) — A letter written in the 17th century by a nun allegedly possessed by the devil has been finally decoded thanks to an algorithm found, oddly enough, on the Dark Web, La Stampa reports.

Sister Maria Crocifissa della Concezion from the convent of Palma di Montechiaro wrote a letter dated August 11 1676, which various historians and code breakers tried to decode, yet with no success.

The letter written by a nun that claimed the devil himself talks through her, was written in words that combined several different ancient languages and alphabets – Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic and Runic.

The letter that has been considered a genuine message and a proof from the dark lord himself actually says nothing, according to Daniele Abate, director of The Ludum Science Center in Sicily.

Daniele said that her team stumbled onto software posted on Dark Web that was allegedly able to decode the old encrypted letter.

“We heard about the software, which we believe is used by intelligence services for codebreaking,” said Daniele Abate, cited by The Times.

“We primed the software with ancient Greek, Arabic, the Runic alphabet and Latin to descramble some of the letter and show that it really is devilish,” he said.

According to Abate, the letter describes the Holy Trinity in Catholicism, God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit, and allegedly states that “God thinks he can free mortals,” while encouraging to abandon humans.

The letter implies that its author was suffering from schizophrenia or a similar mental illness and heard voices in her mind, believing she is possessed, Abete stressed.

“I personally believe that the nun had a good command of languages, which allowed her to invent the code, and [she] may have suffered from a condition like schizophrenia, which made her imagine dialogues with the Devil,” Abete added.

According to Abete, since his group published findings on the letter translation, he has been contacted by numerous interested Satanic sects in pursuit of an clearer interpretation. Abete, however, believes that wording in the letter was invented by its author.

“My theory was that this is a precise alphabet, invented by the nun with great care mixing symbols she knew. Each symbol is well thought out and structured, there are signs that are repeated, perhaps intentionally or perhaps unconsciously,” Abete said, as cited by The International Business Times.