Everything Entertaining will feature artist Scott Tucker who recently announced he will curate an art show this month in Jersey City, NJ.

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(Newswire.net — October 17, 2015) — Everything Entertaining, an online portal for details on entertaining events and activities worldwide, will spotlight Scott Tucker in an upcoming cover of his curated “3D Works” art show. The show will feature oversized 3D art from artists and metalworkers throughout the northeast.

“We just had the brilliance of New York Fashion Week to entertain us, so this is a great follow up event,” says Everything Entertaining editor Allison Hale. “Tucker is swooping in and curating this great big 3D show for the fallout of the New York Fashion Week. There is always a need for entertainment and a need for art in this area, so it’s perfect that Tucker is doing this show now.”

The art show will be held at Tucker’s personal warehouse studio space in Jersey City, NJ. The large warehouse gallery will light up 3D and metal art work from eight artists, one additional room will feature prints available for purchase of the featured warehouse pieces. Tucker will be present at the event to guide guests through the gallery and introduce artists in a closing ceremony.

“The 3D art works gallery show was really a necessity I felt leading up to NYFW,” says Tucker. “When I saw the kind of week it was going to be, with some really abstract shows coming out from new designers, I was willing to curate something like this. The show will be small but it will be full of life sized or bigger pieces, I think it’s really going to impress.”

The initial “3D Works” show will feature oversized art pieces inside the warehouse as well as local refreshments in an outdoor tent for patrons to visit before and after their gallery tour. Tucker will take guests through the gallery on a guided tour once an hour from 6pm until 11pm. The show will be held for one weekend only.

Everything Entertaining recently detailed Scott Tucker in a blog post about New Jersey art shows. The “3D Works” show will be covered with photo and video detail on the Everything Entertaining blog this month after the show wraps.

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