Poisoned Pen Press brings readers treats for Halloween in the form of five new mystery novels including two from the golden age of British fiction.

New Mystery Titles Available in October
Independent Publisher of Mystery Books- Poisoned Pen Press

(Newswire.net — October 6, 2015) Scottsdale, Arizona — Lovers of mystery novels will not be disappointed as Poisoned Pen Press releases five new novels to enjoy in October with some warm apple cider. The books include two works from authors who lived and wrote during the golden age of British fiction. The other works include the latest offerings in popular mystery series from well known authors at Poisoned Pen Press.
“As an independent mystery book publisher, Poisoned Pen Press has the ability to give new or little-known writers an opportunity to have their work published,” according to the publisher. “Readers are eager for the new releases we offer each month that allow them to ‘Discover Mystery.’”
Murder in Megara: A John the Lord Chamberlain Mystery is the latest work in the series from the award-winning husband and wife team of Eric Mayer and Mary Reed. The former Lord Chamberlain to Emperor Justinian is in living in exile on his estate in Greece, but life away from Constantinople is anything but peaceful and serene as troubles with his neighbors soon have John facing accusations of being a murderer. An intriguing maze of lies and deception captivate the reader.
Andrew Lanh takes readers along with instructor/detective Rick Van Lam who sets out to uncover the truth behind death of his cleaning woman. Police have ruled the death a suicide, but the deeper Rick delves into the case, the more he is convinced that she was the victim of a homicide. Return to Dust: A Rick Van Lam Mystery is the second in the mystery series featuring the Amerasian detective.
The latest in the Chief Inspector Kaldis series of police procedural novels by author Jeffrey Siger is an intriguing mix of modern-day politics and ancient Greek legend. Devil of Delphi: A Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis Mystery #7 sets Kaldis on the trail of the killer of a member of one of the powerful families in Greece. The crime could have far-reaching political repercussions that threaten the stability of the government and add to the urgency to bring the assassin to justice.
Fans of traditional British mysteries will not be disappointed this month with the release of Trouble on the Thames by Victor Bridges. In pre-WWII London, a diagnosis of color blindness threatens to sink the career of Lieutenant Commander Owen Bradwell of the Royal Navy, but he is soon pressed into service to by British intelligence to catch a traitor by infiltrating a German spy ring. Readers will be entertained by the fast-paced action and intrigue.
Poisoned Pen Press presents a second treat for readers who enjoy works from the golden age of British mysteries. Author Mavis Doriel Hay offers a charming mix of suspects and clues to enthrall and perplex readers in The Santa Klaus Murder. What better setting for a classic mystery than an English country house at Christmas time that is disrupted by the murder of one of the holiday visitors. Clues abound, but readers will be kept wondering where they will lead.

The mystery writers who are published through Poisoned Pen Press offer readers a large selection of books and series all written for various mystery genres. Find these new titles and the complete library of mystery books by visiting the Poisoned Pen Press website at http://poisonedpenpress.com/ or by calling 1-800-421-3976 to request a catalog. 

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Poisoned Pen Press has grown into one of the largest independent publishers of mystery books in the world, featuring many mystery series and authors. Founders Robert Rosenwald and Barbara Peters have been the recipients of awards honoring the work they have done to promote the mystery genre in literature.

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