GraceKennedy's Jamaican jerk sauce has proven to be more versatile than regular dry spices and preferred seasoning for jerk chicken.

GraceKennedy’s Jamaican Jerk
GraceKennedy’s Jamaican Jerk

( — October 9, 2015) Kingston, Kingston — GraceKennedy’s Jamaican jerk sauce in a 10oz bottle, now available on has proven to be more versatile than dry jerk seasoning. According to many, this type of sauce is preferred when making jerk chicken versus dry spices. 

This jerk sauce is very versatile in comparison dry seasoning and can be utilized in three different ways. The jerk sauce can be used to marinate and season meats before they are cooked, preferably overnight. The jerk sauce can also be used during food preparation to give meats and vegetables a zestier and more flavorful taste. Thirdly, after the food is cooked it can be applied and used as a sauce.  Dry jerk seasoning on the other hand, is most commonly only used during the prep of the food prior to cooking. 

Apart from being useful in different methods of food preparation, the Jamaica Jerk Seasoning is also suitable for a variety of different foods. It is most commonly used to create seasoning for jerk chicken but is also available for numerous other food items. The jerk seasoning can act as a marinade for jerk pork, jerk shrimp, jerk fish, jerk beef and many other meats. Additionally, the jerk seasoning can become a sauce for vegetarian meals including vegetables and tofu.

GraceKennedy is excited to annouce that now due to the availability online via Amazon, a larger customer base can now access the “jerk cooking” style native to Jamaica. The term “jerk” is a method of food preparation where meats such as chicken, shrimp and fish are dry-rubbed or wet marinated with a hot spice mixture called Jamaican Jerk Spice. 

This Jamaican jerk seasoning contains authentic Jamaican herbs and spices including escallion, hot peppers, pimento, black pepper, thyme, garlic and vinegar. Salt, brown sugar and vegetable oil are added for taste. According to GraceKennedy, these ingredients provide an excellent base

for the sauce for any food, to be used before, during or after cooking.

According to the company, every bottle is guaranteed to provide the customer with an exotic blend of herbs and spices from Jamaica. Each bottle is manufactured to give buyers a genuine taste of Jamaican jerk sauce.

Customers may purchase the Grace Jerk Seasoning in mild or hot flavors. To satisfy the requirements of a variety of customers, the jerk seasoning is available in different sizes with a 1-pack, 4-pack and 12-pack currently being sold on Amazon.

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