Seeing Natalie Merchant live in concert is a rare treat that you will always remember.

Natalie Merchant Tour Dates Announced

( — October 16, 2015) –Natalie Merchant is not the first singer to break away from her band to go solo, but she is likely the only singer to break away from her band while still honoring their music at the same time. We could all go to tour dates for Natalie Merchant, and we all know what we are going to hear. She is one of the best singers in the world today, and she is still one of the best songwriters ever. There is no point in even pointing out what hse has written because anyone who has listened to a radio in the last 25 years knows who she is. These new tour dates are going to remind us what we love about Natalie Merchant.


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She Has An Ethereal Voice

The ethereal voice that Natalie Merchant has is one of a kind. No one quite sings like her, and she is one of the few singers who has managed to stand the test of time without singing loudly. Her voice just sort of floats over the music until you realize that you are singing along with the melody. You will go to all her concerts wanted to hear the songs, but you sort of find yourself singing along because you cannot help yourself. She is not singing down to you so much as she is singing along with you because she knows that you will join in at some point.

She Still Uses Her Music And 10,000 Maniacs

The beauty of Natalie Merchant is that she will do music from 10,000 Maniacs without dishonoring her band. The music that she sings is a reminder of what it was like in the old days when you did not even know her name, and you will hear the music in a new way. She is not singing with her band, and there is a change in the music that makes it new for you. There are many amazing arrangements of these songs that will blow your mind.

She Uses Cool Instruments

Her appearance on Unplugged was just the first step in making sure that odd instruments are used in her shows. She uses a mini orchestra to get most of the music across, and you will hear most acoustic than you hear electric when you go to her shows. This is a welcome change for the people that love her music most, and it is a change that has stuck ever since she was on Unplugged. You still get some power from her music, but the power is mixed up with instruments that are interesting in every possible way.

She Is Touring A Lot

This tour is going to be a big one that is going to take you to make different places in the world. You can follow Natalie around to many interesting locations, and you can be sure that every show is going to be a little bit different. Her eclectic style is enough to make the shows interesting, and each arrangement of the shows is going to change as you see new ones. The shows that you are picking are going to be different, and it would be good to go to more than one to see if you can hear the difference between the two.

She Is Singing Now, But Maybe Not In The Future

Natalie Merchant needs no financial incentive to go on tour, and she is going to tour now because she wants to. You may not be able to get to a tour in the future, and this is an important part of the process that you might forget. Go to her shows today because you know that you need to see her before she retires for good. Natalie Merchant is already someone who has captivated the music world, and there is no need for her to go anywhere to sing to make money. You want to hear her while she still loves it, and you will hear the love in her voice when you go to her shows. Read the whole list of tour dates today so that you will know for sure what you can go see when she starts her brand new tour.


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