Ruling elite asks for depopulation and birth control, but some say the overpopulation claim is a myth.

Prince William
Speaking at a gala event in London, the Duke of Cambridge said overpopulation is destroying the planet

( — November 9, 2017) — During a ceremony in London, Prince William used the opportunity to send a message about “population control” to the world.

Prince William stated that in order to save flora and fauna the planet should be depopulated. The Daily Mail writes that these statements are not new because the royal family has been advocating the idea of ​​”controlling the population” for over ten years, arguing that the world will face monumental problems if the human population continues to grow.

Although there is no clear evidence that the human population is any threat to the planet, it did not prevent the world’s elite from continuing to spread the message of the need to reduce the number of people by devious methods.

What are the proposed depopulation measures?

In his somewhat bizarre speech, Prince William stressed how “the global population of wildlife on the planet has halved,” for which William blames the human race and our existence.

Depopulation measures, as Bill Gates stated at a depopulation lecture, include a comprehensive approach to humanity and its implementation through the health system, drugs and vaccines.

There are voices, however, that claim overpopulation is a myth. According to, the prediction of the depletion of natural resources and the destruction of the environment has existed for more than a century, but it hasn’t yet come true.

An infographic video that promotes overpopulation as a myth, states that depopulation supporters mainly refer to the facts that there are endless rows of vehicles in “traffic jams.” They also refer to homelessness and long lines for coffee shops.

The truth, however, is that the mega cities are overpopulated, but not the entire planet. The overpopulation of cities comes from migration from the countryside to larger cities. In such a way people can fulfill all their social, economic and healthcare needs focused in large centers we call cities.

According to, the statistics show data that is quite opposite to what depopulation supporters claim.

“In fact, stats show that birthrate actually drops when people move to urban settings, and is notably lower than the rural birthrate,” the infographic states. “The cities are overpopulated, the earth is not,” concludes.