The Kansas and Vermont elections take place in November 2018. Due to the fact that there was no age requirement for running for governor, teenagers can be candidates as well.

Some of these teenagers have already been politically active
Some of these teenagers have already been politically active

( — October 2, 2017) –Tyler Ruzich, of Prairie Village, will turn 17 next week, Jack Bergeson of Wichita is a 16-year-old, Ethan Randleas of Wichita is a 17-year-old and Ethan Sonneborn from Bristol is a 13-year-old. All four are running for the next governor elections.

Tyler Ruzich, a junior at Shawnee Mission North High School, public secondary school in Overland Park, Kansas, considers himself a moderate Republican.

Jack Bergeson is in The Independent School, a private school in Wichita, Kansas, and he is running for the Democratic nomination for governor.

The youngest Ethan Sonneborn is an eighth grader at Mt. Abraham Union Middle School in Bristol, and he declares himself as a Democrat.
Sonneborn is too young to vote or even drive a car, but he can run for governor because there is no age requirement for candidates, except that they must have simply lived in Vermont for four years before the election.

The thirteen-year-old was already politically active – he and his friends launched a series of peaceful protests at Bristol Elementary School. For example, when Sonneborn was in sixth grade, the school banned talking for most of the lunch period, and students refused to eat until the silence was lifted. Adults in the community took notice, and the policy came to an end, reports Burlington Free Press.

Now Sonneborn said that his goals during the governor campaign will be focusing on climate change, better health care and preventing gun violence.

Another candidate Jack Bergeson said that his goals, among others, are to raise the minimum wage and to legalize medicinal marijuana. He will also be focusing on the state’s gun carry law which allows guns on college campuses.

Tyler Ruzich already has political experience. He was at the Shawnee Mission North debate team and he is involved with his municipal teenage council. Now, he said that he will fight to put more money into education. Tyler does not want schools closing due budget shortfalls, something that is happening now to fellow students of his age.

Ethan Randleas is the last teenage that announced the candidacy, and he is seeking the Republican nomination.

This student at Wichita Heights High School, calls himself a conservatarian, a mix of conservative and libertarian, Kansas City reports.

Randleas says that he will advocate gun ownership and carry laws, so that people can have as many weapons as they want.