GraceKennedy’s Jamaican Jerk Sauce, now available on, is a great way for tourist to recreate the taste of the island in their own kitchen.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Jamaican Jerk Chicken

( — October 10, 2015) Kingston, Kingston — Jamaican tourists always comment on three things when they visit the islands, the beauty of the beaches, the warmth of the people and the tasteful nature of the cuisine. With the delicious food the only thing they can recreate off the island shores they question how they can relive this part of their Jamaican journey. GraceKennedy has provided the answer to this dilemma with the recent release of their Jerk Seasoning to the number one online shopping marketplace Amazon.

Now, when a tourist returns home and they want to recreate the jerk chicken they ate on the island either at their resort, at a restaurant or even from a local cook shop, all they need to do is order a bottle online from

One recent Jamaican tourist claimed, “I was looking for a way to remake Jerk Chicken which I had while visiting Jamaica and came upon the Grace Jerk Seasoning on Amazon so I decided to try it out. I loved the fact that it came with a free recipe book or else I wouldn’t have known where to start! My jerk chicken came out great and the family and I enjoyed a great meal!”

Each customer receives a jerk cooking recipe book as a bonus for purchasing the Jamaican Jerk Seasoning from GraceKennedy. The book contains more than 13 different recipes to get customer’s taste buds tingling from authentic Jamaican jerk sauce.

Customers don’t have to worry about the quality of the product they purchase from GraceKennedy. GraceKennedy is the leading manufacturer and distributor of authentic Caribbean food products. They have been making and delivering food items since 1922. With such a long history of establishment customers can stand assured of the highest quality of Caribbean foods.

The Jerk Seasoning comes in a conveniently sized 10 ounce bottle in either hot or mild flavors. The customer can purchase the jerk sauce bottle in a 1-pack, 4-pack or 12-pack on

About GraceKennedy, the food website of GraceKennedy Limited, the Caribbean’s leading food manufacturer and distributor. Since its beginnings in 1922, GraceKennedy has provided authentic Caribbean food products to generations of Caribbean people earning… and still deserving… the name ‘Grace, the Good Food People’.


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